Vegetable planting guide: what to plant in February

It's time to start planting in pots Credit: Alamy

Windowbox or balcony pots or planters 

Plant: Young potted herb plants, using a modern peat-free compost.

Sow: Cut-and-come-again salad leaves 'The Good Life’ and salad rocket.

Patio pots and containers

Sow: Bolt-resistant beetroot F1 'Jannis’. 

Sunny porch, lean-to or unheated greenhouse (mini or large)

PlantChitted tubers of early potatoes such as 'Rocket’ or 'Swift’ in large pots or grow sacks. Keep them frost-free.

Place potatoes in egg containers to allow them to chit Credit: MARTIN POPE

Sow: Early-maturing round-rooted carrot 'Parisian’, in trays/pots.

Heated greenhouse/in a heated propagator 


  • Aubergine F1 'Ophelia’
  • Celery F1 'Granada’
  • Celeriac 'Monarch’
  • Indoor tomatoes
  • Spring cabbage 'Pixie’
  • Red-buttoned Brussels sprout F1 'Ruby Crunch’



  • Broad bean 'Jubilee Hysor’
  • Mixed salad leaves for cut-and-come-again
  • Mangetout pea 'Shiraz’ (purple pods)
  • Root fly-resistant carrot F1 'Nandor’

Plant: Early potatoes 'Rocket’ or 'Swift’ (in beds or pots), salad plug plants and Calabrese F1 'Iron Man’ and other brassica plug plants.

Here Helen Yemm plants brassicas ready for the upcoming months Credit: MARTIN POPE

Under cloches and/or garden fleece 


  • Carrot F1 'Resistafly’
  • Kohl rabi F1 'Luna’
  • Radish F1 'Esmeralda’
  • Swede 'Invitation’
  • Spring onion 'Guardsman’

Plant: Early potato 'Sarpo Kifli’ (blight-resistant) and January-sown broad beans.

Outdoors in the garden or allotment 

Sow: Broad bean 'The Sutton’, disease-resistant parsnip F1 'Gladiator’, Jerusalem artichoke and spring onion 'Lilia’.

Plant: Pink-fleshed shallot 'Picasso’, garlic 'Solent White’. Dormant crowns of rhubarb 'Livingstone’ (produces sticks throughout the summer).

Send for now 

Now's the time to start ordering warmth-loving crops Credit: ANDREA JONES

Seeds ready for spring sowing.

Order plug plants of warmth-loving crops such as tomatoes, peppers and aubergines for delivery in April and May (for growing in an unheated porch, greenhouse or polytunnel).

Onion sets (to plant in March/April for summer-harvesting bulb onions).