Vegetable planting guide: what to plant in January

There's still plenty to do in the garden as the snowdrops emerge Credit: Billie Charity / Barcroft Media

Sunny porch, lean-to or unheated greenhouse (mini or large)

Sow: Oriental greens mibuna and mizuna every fortnight for cut-and-come-again salad leaves, carrot 'Nantes 2’ or 'Amsterdam Forcing 3’ in pots for early roots and broad bean 'Crimson Flowered’ (in pots).

Buy seed potatoes and 'chit’ them (encourage stumpy green shoots to grow) by laying them in trays in a cool, bright, frost-free place. 'Sarpo’ varieties have good resistance to late potato blight.

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Heated greenhouse/in a heated propagator 

SowTomato F1 'Sungold’, early summer cauliflower F1 'Mayflower’ and leek F1 'Krypton’ (use for 'baby’ leeks when young).


Sow: salad rocket, komatsuna and salad rape in beds for cut-and-come-again crops, radish F1 'Fluto’ and yellow-podded pea 'Golden Sweet’ for early pods under cover.

Polytunnels are great to protect early pods Credit: Jay Williams

Outdoors under cloches and/or garden fleece

SowPea 'Meteor’.

Outdoors in the garden or allotment 

Plant: Bolt-resistant shallot 'Golden Gourmet’ and garlic 'Flavor’.

Send for now

Seeds, plug plants, seed potatoes, onion sets and garlic bulbs for spring planting.