Vegetable planting guide: what to plant in July

Garden gnomes
Get the sun cream out - there's lots to do in the garden in July Credit: Greg Watts / Rex Features

Windowbox or balcony planter 

Sow: Salad rocket 'Dragon’s Tongue’, 'Serrata’ or 'Pegasus’, and coriander 'Calypso’, for cut-and-come-again leaves.

Patio pots and containers 


Plant: Autumn-cropping potato 'Maris Peer’ in pots or grow sacks of peat-free compost. Buy - ready-planted edible containers from garden centres.

Sunny porch, lean-to or unheated greenhouse (mini or large)

SowWatercress in pots of peat-free compost stood in a tray of water and mixed salad leaves as cut-and-come-again.

Buy: Oriental greens (in cell trays) for planting in a polytunnel/outdoors during August/September. Try bekana, mustard 'Green-in-the-Snow’, komatusuna, mibuna, mispoona, mizuna, pak choi, oriental mustard, purple choi sum, tatsoi.



  • Chinese cabbage 'Atsuko’
  • Corn salad
  • American land cress
  • Endive 'Blonde Full Heart’
  • Kohl rabi 'Superschmelz’
  • Oriental greens komatusna, mibuna and mizuna
  • Mustard 'Giant Red’
  • Pak choi 'China Choi’
  • Parsley
  • Winter purslane
  • Winter radish 'Rosa’
  • Mooli radish 'Minowase’
  • Swiss chard 'Pink Passion’
  • Turnip 'Petrowski’
  • Kale 'Red Russian’ (for young leaves)
  • Carrot 'Nantes 5’
There are lots of vegetables to sow in July Credit: GAP Photos

Outdoors in the garden or allotment 


  • Self-pollinating runner beans
  • Root fly-resistant carrot F1 'Flyaway’
  • Perpetual spinach
  • Calabrese 'Monclano’ (clubroot resistant)
  • Chinese cabbage F1 'Kasumi’
  • Red chicory (radicchio) 'Palla Rossa Bella’
  • Sugarloaf chicory
  • Corn salad F1 'Cavallo’
  • Florence fennel 'Finale’
  • Oriental greens 'Green-in-the-Snow’
  • Hamburg parsley
  • Kohl rabi 'White Delicacy’
  • Red oakleaf lettuce 'Navarra’
  • Oriental mustard 'Dragon’s Tongue
  • Pak choi 'Glacier’
  • Parsley 'Champion Moss Curled’
  • Mangetout pea 'Oregon Sugar Pod’
Mangetout is a very versatile vegetable Credit: Alamy
  • Winter purslane
  • Radish 'Bright Lights’
  • Winter radish 'Black Spanish Round’
  • Mooli radish F1 'April Cross’
  • Swiss chard 'White Silver 2'
  • Turnip 'Golden Ball’
  • Spinach F1 'Trumpet’
  • Maincrop carrot 'Autumn King 2’
  • Salad rocket 'Voyager’


  • Broccoli 'Nine Star Perennial’
  • Sprouting broccoli
  • Autumn cabbage F1 'Minicole’
  • Winter cabbage F1 'Cantasa’
  • Autumn cauliflower F1 'Trevi’ (green curds)
  • Winter cauliflower F1 'Triomphant’
  • Spring cauliflower 'Walcheren Winter 3’
  • Curly kale (borecole) F1 'Starbor’
  • Leek F1 'Bandit’

Buy: Order collections of young plug plants for autumn planting in the garden, greenhouse or polytunnel from now until September. Last chance for - Ordering autumn-cropping seed potatoes.