Vegetable planting guide: what to plant in June

Watering cans
It's time to look ahead and think about what to plant for autumn Credit: Alamy

Windowbox or balcony planter 

Sow: Dwarf French bean F1 'Golddukat’, oriental greens 'Green-in-the-Snow’, salad rocket, mixed lettuce, pak choi F1 'Colour & Crunch’, and spinach F1 'Emilia’ for cut-and-come-again salad leaves.

Plant: New young plants of mint, rosemary, sage, summer savoury, thyme and Russian tarragon.

June is a great time to start plant herbs Credit: Alamy

Patio pots and containers 

Sow: Fast-growing salad leaf mixtures (every two weeks), dwarf pea 'Tom Thumb’ and lemon coriander.

PlantPotted/grafted vegetable plants from garden centres and nurseries.  

From late June: autumn-cropping potato 'Casablanca’ in pots or grow sacks, for 'new’ potatoes from October until Christmas. Buy ready-planted edible containers from garden centres.

Sunny porch, lean-to or unheated greenhouse (mini or large)

SowWatercress in pots of peat-free compost stood in a tray of water.

Herbs: basil F1 'Aroma 2’, coriander,  thyme, Russian tarragon and oregano.

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  • Calabrese F1 'Ironman’ for transplanting outdoors
  • Purple-leaved basil 'Purple Ruffles’
  • Florence fennel 'di Firenze’
  • Oriental greens komatsuna, mibuna and mizuna 'Kyoto’
  • Mixed salad leaves for cut-and-come-again, every fortnight
  • Pak choi F1 'Rubi’
  • Mustard 'Purple Frills’
  • Dwarf French bean 'Speedy’
  • Climbing French bean 'Fasold’
  • Sweet and chilli peppers
  • Mooli radish 'Mino Early’.
  • Sweetcorn F1 'Incredible’ into a soil bed in a roomy polytunnel

PlantOkra F1 'Cajun Delight’ and autumn-cropping potato 'Vivaldi’ in pots or beds.

Okra F1 'Cajun Delight' is perfect for planting in a polytunnel in June Credit: Christopher Jones

Outdoors under cloches and/or garden fleece 

SowPumpkin 'Jack be Little’ (small fruits) and 'Cinderella’, long-storing winter squash F1 'Winter Sweet’ and sweetcorn F1 'Ambrosia’.

PlantSweet potato 'Burgundy’, melon F1 'Alvaro’, okra and outdoor tomato plants.

Outdoors in the garden or allotment 


  • Slicing beetroot 'Cylindra’
  • Chinese cabbage F1 'Kaboko’
  • Maincrop carrot 'Cosmic Purple’
  • Red chicory (radicchio) 'Palla Rossa’
  • Sugarloaf chicory 'Trieste Sweet’
  • Witloof chicory 'Brussels Witloof’
  • Round-fruited courgette F1’Eight Ball’
  • Endive 'Natacha’
  • Florence fennel 'Romanesco’
  • Kohl rabi 'Azur’
  • Cos lettuce 'Little Gem’
  • Spring/bunching onion 'North Holland Blood Red’
  • Oriental tatsoi F1 'Rozette’
  • Flat-leaved parsley 'Giant of Italy’
  • Dwarf French bean 'Ferrari’
  • Climbing French bean 'Hunter’
  • Runner bean 'White Lady’
  • Mangetout pea 'Sweet Horizon’
  • Radish 'Giant of Sicily’
  • Mooli radish F1 'Neptune’
  • Salad rocket 'Wild Tirizia’
  • Swede 'Joan’
  • Turnip 'Navet de Nancy’ (every two weeks)

Herbs: dill and fennel.

'Little Gem’ is a great variety to grow in any garden Credit: Alamy

Plant: Spring-sown plants/plug plants of:

  • broccoli 'Nine Star Perennial’
  • Sprouting broccoli F1 'Santee’, 'Rudolph’ and F1 'Claret’
  • Brussels sprout 'Groninger’
  • Autumn savoy cabbage 'Best of All’
  • Winter cabbage 'January King’
  • Autumn cauliflower F1 'Balboa’
  • Self-blanching celery 'Green Utah’
  • Courgette 'Black Beauty’
  • Outdoor cucumber 'Muncher’
  • Curly kale (borecole) F1 'Redbor’
  • Spring-sown leeks
  • Autumn-cropping potato 'Charlotte’
  • Spring-sown pumpkin
  • Winter squash 
  • Sweetcorn plants
Plant sweet corn now and enjoy the harvest later Credit: Alamy

Send for now

If your soil is infected with clubroot, order collections of 'disease-resistant’ brassica plug plants. Autumn-cropping seed potatoes.

Last chance for

Ordering large, pot-grown vegetable plants by post, although they can still be bought at garden centres and other retailers.