What vegetables to plant in September

Woman watering vegetable patch
Look ahead and see what vegetables you should be planting this month Credit: Alamy

Windowbox or balcony planter 

SowSalad leaf mixtures as cut-and-come-again and peas in pots for leafy shoots.

Patio pots and containers 

Plant: Plug plants of oriental greens such as komatsuna, mibuna, mizuna, pak choi F1 'Red’ and kalibroc F1 'Atlantis’ and cut-and-come-again autumn salad plug plants.

Sunny porch, lean-to or unheated greenhouse (mini or large)

Sow in cell trays: spring cabbage F1 'Advantage’.



  • Sugarloaf chicory
  • Corn salad 'Baron’
  • Komatsuna
  • Mibuna
  • Mizuna 'Red Knight’
Try planting different types of mizuna for more variety Credit: Alamy
  • Overwintering lettuce 'Lobjoit’s Green Cos’
  • Mustard 'Giant Red’
  • Pak choi F1 'Yuushou’
  • Purslane
  • Radish 'Icicle’
  • Salad rocket 'Buzz’
  • Spinach 'Giant Winter’
  • Carrot 'Nantes 2’
  • American land cress
  • Spring cabbage F1 'Advantage’


  • Calabrese F1 'Aquiles’
  • Red chicory (radicchio)
  • Mustard 'Green-in-the-Snow’
  • Sprouting broccoli (for early pickings under cover)

Outdoors under cloches and/or garden fleece 

Sow: Pak choi F1 'Green Revolution’, spinach 'Giant Winter’ and overwintering lettuce 'Winter Gem’.

Plant: Plug plants of oriental greens.

Protect young lettuces under cloches Credit: Alamy

Outdoors in the garden or allotment 

Sow: Overwintering lettuce 'Winter Gem’, mustard 'Giant Red’, salad rocket and corn salad 'Valentin’.

Plant: Spring cabbage 'Greyhound’ and autumn planting, overwintering onion sets such as 'Radar’, 'Shakespeare’ or 'Electric’ (red).

Last chance for

Ordering plug plants of oriental greens and overwintering salad plants.