Forget flowers: three Valentine's Day gifts for the urban gardener

Hanging planters: one of the potential surprises inside the Geo-Fleur subscription
Hanging planters: one of the potential surprises inside the Geo-Fleur subscription Credit: Geo-Fleur

Those who dismissively think of Valentine’s Day as a spurious calendar date driven by consumerism aren’t always too far off the mark. But that might be because the traditional gifts associated with romance are so bleakly unimaginative. For the price of a dozen red roses (anywhere between £20 and £100), you can give a green gift that will last far longer - and if you think like a true romantic, it will grow along with your affections for your Valentine. 

Here are three of the best Valentine’s gifts for the green-fingered in your life. Even better, they’re perfectly suited to those without much outdoor gardening space. 


Geo-Fleur plant subscription (from £35)

Maidenhair Fern Kokedama Credit: Geo-Fleur

OK, so it won’t arrive on 14 February if you’re reading this now. But then, if you’re reading this now, you’re already running late. The recently launched plant subscription service from Walthamstow-based homeware and houseplant store Geo-Fleur delivers a beautiful and surprising leafy treat through the post to the lucky recipient, complete with care instructions. Subscriptions arrive every month for three, six or 12 months.

For February Geo-Fleur sent out the on-trend Maidenhair Fern Kokedama, a neat ball of moss, peat and akadama soil which hails from Japan. Importantly, it’s easy to look after and looks artfully instagrammable: just as well, as the subscription comes with membership to the #PlantPostClub, a fun way of keeping up with other subscribers online.


Seed Pantry Herb Seeds Starter Pack (£26)

Herb Seeds Starter Pack from Seed Pantry Credit: Seed Pantry

According to floriography, the language of meanings attributed to herbs and flowers, much romance can be construed from the likes of basil, thyme and rosemary. So it’s fitting, and fragrant, to give the gift of herbs on Valentine’s Day.

Urban gardening experts Seed Pantry have starter packs for a variety of plants, but their herb seeds starter comes with kitchen favourites basil, parsley, coriander and chives, along with the dibbers, compost, seed labels, pots and other paraphernalia to grow them. Should your seedlings look a little queasy, help is available through Seed Pantry’s experts online, too. 


Eco Potagator (£13.99)

This is one for the gardening minimalists out there: no seed trays, not much compost and an elegant planter to boot. The Eco Potagator is made out of 180 recycled yoghurt pots and ingeniously manages to be both a nurturing propagator for seedlings (well, a couple max, it’s not ideal for mass production) and a container for the larger plants they grow into. Available in three colours - grey, beige and green – the Potagator comes with compost and basil seeds, so you just need to add water and love.