Pregnant coronavirus victim begs people to stay inside as she 'fights for her life' in hospital

The mother-of-three urged people to listen to Boris Johnson


A six-and-a-half month pregnant patient has pleaded with people to stay inside their homes and not to go out after she contracted coronavirus. 

Karen Mannering, 39, from Kent, took to Facebook to share how she is now in hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

She says she is unsure how she caught the virus but is now bed bound and is unable to do anything for herself.

Mrs Mannering recalls how she fell ill two weeks ago before being admitted to hospital at the weekend. She has also been fighting pneumonia in both her lungs. 

Visibly upset, she explains how she is fighting for the survival of her and her baby, adding that she has no idea how this will affect him.

She is one of many coronavirus patients sharing their stories online in a bid to stop the public being reckless. 

Watch the video above to see her message in full.